Scientific Computing Laboratory
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CX-CMCS List of Deliverables
  • D01: CX-CMCS Web site (M1, R, PU) [Download D01]
  • D02: Career development plan for newly employed young researchers (M2, R, CO)
  • D03: CX-CMCS International Advisory Board (M3, O, PU) [Download D03]
  • D04: Equipment tendering and procurement report (M3, R, PU) [Download D04]
  • D05: Inauguration meeting report (M4, R, PU) [Download D05]
  • D06: Mobility and training plan (M6, R, PU) [Download D06a, Download D06b]
  • D07: CX-CMCS Brochure (M6, R, PU) [Download D07]
  • D08: 12M Progress reports (M12, M24, R, PU) [Download D08]
  • D09: CX-CMCS Promotional video material (M15, O, PU)
  • D10: Benchmark procedures for quality assessment of RTD centres of excellence (M18, R, PU)
  • D11: SCL research quality assessment (M24, R, PU)
  • D12: Proceedings of International dissemination workshop (M30, R, PU)
  • D13: Strategy of long term sustainable growth of research excellence in transition (M30, R, PU)
  • D14: Scientific computing landscape of Serbia (M33, R, PU)
  • D15: Presentation of policy papers to decision makers (M34, R, PU)
  • D16: Final project report (M36, R, PU)
July 08, 2009
CX-CMCS extended
April 17, 2008
New SCL posters and video material
February 07, 2008
CX-CMCS Project Officer visits SCL
October 05, 2007
SCL head elected chairman of EGEE Project Management Board
June 11, 2007
Director General of JRC visits SCL
May 30, 2007
AMD Business Development Manager visits SCL
November 27, 2006
Director-General of Earth simulator visits SCL
July 19, 2006
Serbian Ministers Popovic and Dinkic visit SCL
July 14, 2006
EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik visits SCL
July 01, 2006
EU Center of Exellence project starts at SCL
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