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New SCL posters and video material

SCL takes active participation in the month-long public outreach event focusing on the science and technology behind the LHC. The central venue of the exhibition is at the Gallery of Science and Technology of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SASA). Among other contributions to this event, SCL has designed and developed two new posters and a short video presentation of the recent upgrade of its AEGIS01-PHY-SCL Grid site.

Short video of the December 2007 upgrade of the AEGIS01-PHY-SCL Grid site at the Scientific Computing Laboratory of the Institute of Physics Belgrade. With a speed of 4.4 Tflops and 25 TB storage capacity it is the premiere production grid facility in South East Europe.

July 08, 2009
CX-CMCS extended
April 17, 2008
New SCL posters and video material
February 07, 2008
CX-CMCS Project Officer visits SCL
October 05, 2007
SCL head elected chairman of EGEE Project Management Board
June 11, 2007
Director General of JRC visits SCL
May 30, 2007
AMD Business Development Manager visits SCL
November 27, 2006
Director-General of Earth simulator visits SCL
July 19, 2006
Serbian Ministers Popovic and Dinkic visit SCL
July 14, 2006
EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik visits SCL
July 01, 2006
EU Center of Exellence project starts at SCL
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